1981-06-08 - Geleen, Netherlands - Sportpark


Comments: 'Pinkpop Festival' - Other bands include New Adventures, Fischer Z, Madness, Michael Shenker Group, The Pretenders, Ian Dury & The Blockheads
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review by cesar_garza01

3 years ago


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Trevor remaster sounds great.
Recording: FM Aerial Broadcast - 4.5 stars


For a non-U2 crowd, they responded quite well. Bono was pleasantly surprised.


U2 playing at Pinkpop and the love affair with the Dutch is cemented in this show. The band tried to conquer the crowd but it was the crowd that conquered them. Bono said many times that they didn't expect such a warm welcome. I'm not really a fan of Boy/Girl, but this was the best live version I've heard with the I'm A Believer snippet (they did this other times, but not with this great sound). It was a lot of fun.
Other highlights: Twilight and I Will Follow at the encore. If you like the early days shows, definitely get this.

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