1982-08-07 - Turku, Finland - Ruisrock Festival


Performance notes: Last performance ever of Rejoice. This is U2's first concert in Finland. The next time the band played the country was in 1997 on the Popmart Tour.
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  1. Boy (9)
  2. October (4)

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review by ayr861

12 years ago


So here we are. Where are we, and where are we going? Looks like we're going to Turku, and here we are in Turku, for a U2 show in Turku. Great!!! The show starts with Gloria, pretty much a standard performance. Nothing about it really makes me go wow this is the greatest Gloria ever but it's still good and can't say much to knock it.

Next is one of my favourite U2 songs ever, I Threw A Brick Through A Window from probaby my third-favourite U2 album ever. Nice loose vocals, nearly just 'I'm singing because I'm singing-like' and backing vocals work for me in what's one of my favourite performance. But the falsetto - don't bother, it sounds off-key. The bass of course is prominent here as it is in most early U2 songs (Boy - Rattle And Hum) and already by this song, it sounds like the singer is out of breath. So good.

A Day Without Me follows, and again those loose vocals which I'm starting to like a lot. The drums are pounding and that's what I like - bass and drums together; and the guitar work is not bad for an early show. I've heard better but we'll live. Again like Gloria, standard and nothing outstanding, but does it for me. I love Bono at the end 'listen to us when we play, ok'. That's the spirit!!!

Yay, another Boy song this time 'An Cat Dubh' and would you shut your hole. This is a great performance so be quiet. Really bringing the show up - with the people sounding bored, they gotta go a bit higher and they do. The solo at the end, I don't remember it being that great in these early shows so I'm happy.

What can I say about 'Into The Heart'. It is what it is, and has a nice bass bit at the end. Easy, that's that. Next up is Rejoice and it's another simple performance, made better by the fact the drums are literally just screaming out and that I like. Great guitar, weird vocals, pounding drums and something happening with the bass; this is early U2 and it's sloppy but it's got a real charm.

Alright next we have 'The Electric Co.' with 'The Cry' and it's yet sounding like a straight-up performance, until the guitar kicks in. TEC is all about the guitar and drums and here, I love it - listen to it, it's like it had taken something. And then the yelling vocals - this is The Electric Co, the way I like. It ends far too quickly at five minutes, then we go into yet another brilliant October track called 'I Fall Down'.

It starts out with a speech about heights, blah blah blah and it's why he joined a rock and roll band. Yeah yeah great get on with it. But the performance is worth waiting for. Sloppy, disjointed, messy and anything that makes live rock and roll worth being part of. The piano makes its first appearance here and it has a real charm, a real kick I like.

The first of two 'I Will Follow' performances. Fast and live, this is the way it should sound, and the crowd loves it and I love it. Those drums again, seriously this drummer should be in a rock band. He's got something - who is he? Next we're into 'Twilight' and - never got into the song so I can't say I really like or hate it. Thankfully, it's over before it becomes unwelcome. Next is one of those great mainstays 'Out Of Control'. I like how it sort of segues from 'Twilight' to this. Again a great performance and probably one of the better performances here. Good night 45 minutes in?

Time for a hello and 'A Celebration'. Rarely heard for maybe good reason, it's a good performance of something I can't really do what it asks because I don't like it, but like peace I'll give it a chance - because it's just under three minutes. Can you hear the singer, the singer asks? When he sings? Oh yeah, I'd listen when you play ''11 O'Clock Tick Tock'. Nice and long with an instrumental breakdown just half-way in. Works for me, not too shabby, not too bad, not nearly long enough.

Then it's slowdown time with 'The Ocean'. Who's in the mood for some short ambience, some metallic-like bass line and drums? Not really, but I don't mind the song. A great way to play another repeat afterwards, but not before a fair bit of audience karaoke. 'I Will Follow' makes a second appearance, and this one bether than the last. I like it a lot if only for the reason it sounds so out-of-kilter.

At the last song 'Southern Man' - noted as 'a special song for you'. They learnt a song, fancy that. This band has real potential. I haven't really heard this song before but I like it a lot - it adds a hard rock-style ending to the show, and for what this show was and what it is, it needed it - perfect playing together, and in the end that's what it's all about. And that's it, 16 songs at 70 minutes.


Sound isn't bad for a recording from 1982. Sure there's hiss, there's dead air but it sounds live. Some parts sound like they're warbling but not overly bad to the point it sounds horrific.
Recording: "Live From Turku 07.08.1982" - 3 stars


They're loud, they're there, they've come to rock and don't get in the way too much.


Varies from good to great to not-so-great. But it's U2, they don't play terrible shows and a festival show, especially early days are always good. A good choice of show.

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