1983-05-05 - Boston, Massachusetts - The Orpheum Theater


Comments: Last performance of Tomorrow ever.
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  1. War (6)
  2. October (5)
  3. Boy (5)
  4. B-sides and singles (2)
  5. Other songs (1)

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New Hampshire
1 user from New Hampshire: teambud33

review by cesar_garza01

3 years ago


Very good show! Better than the 6th. Still, a few technical problems in Twilight and a bit more problems in I Will Follow. The energy here is incredible.


If you turn up the volume the boot is quite enjoyable, and it keeps getting better as the show progresses.
Recording: Audience microphone - 4 stars


As good as the European crowds.


First of all, the FM broadcast is NOT from this concert, it is actually from the show next day, so I think this is the first proper review of the show. And what a show! The band feed from the Irish-Bostonian vibe in the house and they gave it all. The main highlight of this boot is the last performance ever of Tomorrow. If you are a Tomorrow "completionist" like me, you must get this. I don't know why it wasn't played regularly. Another excellent performance was Two Hearts, with the Let's Twist Again part extended. 11 O'Clock was excellent as well. I'm a sucker for the Drowning Man snippet and the final solo is amazing. In Surrender Bono invoked the spirit of Michael Jackson and it was great. I liked the Brick/ A Day Without Me combo too. There's an unlisted snippet of Send In The Clowns in Electric Co. Perhaps the only song I can't consider good is Party Girl. They were still playing with it and it's not the version we know.
Funnily enough, Bono did mistakes between songs, like saying "It's great to be back in NY" (WTF?) or introducing NYD as Two Hearts.

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