'Baby' Zoo Station lyrics

I'm ready, ready for the laughing gas
I'm ready, ready for what's next
Ready to slip, I'm ready to slide
Ready to accept what I once denied
I'm ready, I'm ready to begin

When I want to know
When I want to hear
When I want to dare

I'm ready, ready for the assembling
I'm ready to wait for the turn
I'm ready to drift, I'm ready for the ride
I'm ready to say I'm glad to be alive
I'm ready, I'm ready for the push

In the cool of the night
In the warmth of the breeze
I'll be crawling around
On my hands and knees

I want your love
And I want you here
And I want you now
And I want you hear
And all things are dear

And we've been too long
To love it all
Give it here
Oh, why won't you love
Why won't you love
Woman in love
And I want to make it clear

Come on over
We need to talk to Fritz
Waiting for the right train

I'm ready, I'm ready for the dancing birds
I'm ready to take a fall

'Cause why won't you call
And I touched the wind
And I kissed the sky
And I may have sinned
And I'll be the love
And I'll be your sun
And I want the lear
I want you here
I want to hear
I want to let go
I want to learn
And I want to know
Where should she go