2015-05-26 - Inglewood
Tour: Innocence and Experience tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 5
Videos: 1

  1. The Innocence + Experience tour will hit Inglewood/Los Angeles, California!

    2015-05-26 Inglewood, California
    2015-05-27 Inglewood, California
    2015-05-30 Inglewood, California
    2015-05-31 Inglewood, California
    2015-06-03 Inglewood, California

    Show pages:

    Los Angeles 1 in full HD by MekVox:

    Many great HD videos of LA1 from the amazing MekVox, known from many video bootlegs such as U22: the show never done:

    The Sweetest Thing with Bono & Bono:
  2. I just won tickets.
  3. I've got GA for LA 3 and seats for LA 5! Getting so close it's exciting!
  4. Nice Any people who will do all 5? That'll be interesting.
  5. It would definitely be interesting. If I were to do all 5, I don't think I'd be able to do them all GA.
  6. I'll be doing all 5.
  7. I'm jealous and impressed. Are you going to be doing them all GA or a mix between GA and seats?
  8. GA night one.
    Seating night two
    GA for all the rest.
  9. I'm always lurking. Every single day.
    Like the Stay (Faraway, So Close!) video Bono, so are the qualities of my lurk...

    Also, put in a notifications system and I'll for sure post more.
  10. That is some amazing dedication right there. Maybe I'll run into you during night 3
  11. I'm only doing night 5! If there's any way to get a GA ticket for any of the other nights let me know I don't trust scalpers.