1. Last one (Adam and the...) is from Phoenix 2 I think
  2. Think he wore that shirt in LA too, not?

    Anyway, I just seem to keep finding new shirts (or perhaps this is the same as posted 2 above):

    - most likely this shirt is worn at Mont.2
  3. Again the "Mar.09.1981" shirt, but now with different bass:

    - think this is Mont.1, see here...

  4. Again, no idea at which show this was taken...
    UPDATE: Inglewood 06/03 (thanks Spiral!)
  5. And another "Buzzcock" [Montréal 3]

  6. You're taking "collect them all" far too seriously. Good work though. I'm glad somebody in the band has more than one outfit in their wardrobe.
  7. LOL

    I'm just having fun with the new tour
    (but the thought occured to me that I should try to encourage a kind of thematic approach within this topic... )
  8. haha...new one

  9. Is he having sex with the bass?

    The jack hole is on the other side
  10. You guys are always so "explicit"...
    (It's a subtle game, you know...)

    Besides...it's the T-shirt we're looking at, yes?
  11. "Collect them all" you said?

    ok, I'm still missing some of them...

  12. Genius