1. Thanks a lot!!!!!!
  2. Fantastic recording!!
    Thanks a lot, once more
  3. Thank you so much for this recording. I was praying for that
    The quality is outstanding.

    I wish someday Dublin 1997 and 2017 will apear
  4. My favourit tour still is Lovetown. It is so sad, that no IEM/Soundboard recording does exist (except the Dublin Shows)
  5. the paris shows some australian ones and all the rotterdam gigs sounds perfectly, check them
  6. Yes you are right with the Paris and Rotterdam 1990 shows, also Osaka Dec.1st 1989...great sounding recordings but I still wish Lovetown in a quality like Dublin 1993...
    So long I am happy with Dublin 1989/1990 and maybe one day also live video record ?👍
  7. Thank you Remy for both Amsterdam records. Grazie mille