2015-11-18 - Belfast
Tour: Innocence and Experience tour
Songs played: 27
Audio recordings: 1

  1. The Innocence + Experience tour will hit Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    Special coverage from U2start
    Remy will take care of special tour coverage via our Snapchat channel for both shows and share some of his personal stories (Snapchat stories mode, username: U2start).

    Post-show chats & some live broadcasts via Periscope
    We will broadcast selected songs and host a post-show chat during and after the second show in Glasgow, keep an eye on our Periscope channel or add us on Periscope (U2start): http://www.periscope.tv/u2start (watch them back via http://katch.me/u2start). If you come to Belfast and want to join us, let us know!

    Special U2 tour together with U2start
    We will take you with us to some of U2's historic sights in Belfast, we'll Periscope our U2 tour in parts: http://www.periscope.tv/u2start

    2015-11-18 Belfast, Northern Ireland
    2015-11-19 Belfast, Northern Ireland
  2. Jaysus. Over 18 years. Not many cities go that long without a show.
  3. Think I only have enough leave days left for Dublin shows
  4. Smallest venue of the tour? 11,000 officially.
  5. Glasgow Hydro holds around the same I think.

    Congrats on a hometown gig for yourself
  6. When will the arena seating prices be out?
  7. They are already right? Same as in UK/Glasgow it seems, and rest of Europe.

    Paperless entry for GA confirmed.
  8. Priced from £30 to £165
  9. How much can you get to the GA approximately?
  10. Also depends a lot on the stage set-up, which we don't know much about yet. Looking at the pictures, 1000/1500 tops I'd say.
  11. Sorry, I mean what is the approximately cost to get to the standing area ( GA )