1. In this series we will be regularly interviewing fans during the tour to ask them about their personal experiences. Today we have an interview with VanHimmel, who attended the 3rd and 4th Barcelona shows, among others.

    "For me the Spanish and Italians fans were the best this year."

    This was the sixth pair of shows you have visited on the tour (three in North America and three in Europe). Which leg do you think has had the better shows and why?
    Hard to say. Leg 1 they played more different sets, songs like The Troubles, The Crystal Ballroom, Lucifers Hand, All I Want Is You and some other surprise, in Europe it´s more static now. But all in all I like the European shows a little bit more!

    How were the Spanish fans in comparison to the other cities that you have visited this year?
    For me the Spanish and Italians fans were the best this year.

    As expected, Barcelona got Spanish Eyes on the fourth night. What were your thoughts hearing that?
    I dreamt of hearing it! That was one reason to go to Barcelona! Waiting so long...

    Are there any ways in which you think the band could improve the setlist?
    Oh yes. You know they just chance song number 2 (Out Of Control, The Electric Co & sometimes Gloria), the E-Stage set (Elevation, Sweetest Thing, Desire, Angel Of Harlem and maybe Volcano, Two Hearts Beat As One or just once Magnificent, Zoo Station and Spanish Eyes) and at the end One or I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For or Bad with 40 at the last of 4 shows... could be better!

    You visited a lot of Vertigo and 360 shows in the past, how does this tour compare so far?
    It´s to early to say...ask me again when the tour is over.


    Thanks Stefan for participating!
  2. That video of Spanish Eyes is so depressing
  3. why?
  4. Because I went to Barcelona 3 instead of 4 When Bono said "This is a song, we don't play this one every night" my hopes of Spanish Eyes rocketed. Then it was Volcano, which was great fun but damn, that Spanish Eyes sounded good.
  5. Ah, I understand... I thought you didn't like Spanish Eyes...
  6. Ha, I love it!

    I will probably hear Volcano again in London, Spanish Eyes looks unlikely though
  7. luckily we hsve the video!