1. Me and Ross1441 are in the Hard Rock in Temple Bar and they just played a live version of Bad. Definite 100% soundboard and likely Elevation. It featured a long intro before Bono started singing and finished with Fool To Cry and 40 snippets.

    Wtf is it?
  2. During Elevation tour both snippet in Bad could be :2001-10-31: Providence and 2001-08-21: Earl's Court Arena - London

    Both were in 2001-08-25: Slane Castle too but + Yellow
  3. I just listened to Providence. It has the right snippets, but there's no long speech by Bono and it's not soundboard.
  4. 2009-08-15: Wembley Stadium - London and 2009-09-12: Soldier Field - Chicago have both snippets too
  5. It have to be that Wembley from 360 tour
  6. But don t have a special intro it seems

  7. Deffo not Wembley 09. The recording sounded exactly like South Bend.

    And Bad wasn't broadcast from Wembley 09.
  8. There is no special intro. Bono just takes a while to begin singing.