1992-05-22 - Milan
Tour: ZOO TV
Songs played: 22
Audio recordings: 2
Videos: 2
  1. We should have a thread for ridiculous comments like the illuminati video or the guy eating the show tickets...
  2. Wait what.... eating show tickets???
  3. Just listening to Vancouver 92 WOWY again. Holy fuckballs.
  4. Thanks for the stream, very enjoyable. Not quite as enjoyable as Rotterdam 15/6 would have been imho But still great.
  5. Not enough atmosphere in that recording.

    Until next time folks. Genuinely enjoyed that.
  6. Theres plenty. Milan was great but a touch too much audience for my ears compared to Rotterdam.
  7. Many thanks for another great show!
  8. I forgot how awesome that boot is, thanks for the stream Remy!

    I'm off to laugh at illumanati videos!
  9. If he'd any class about him and didn't like U2, he should have auctioned the tickets off for charity.