1987-04-29 - Rosemont
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour
Songs played: 21
Audio recordings: 11
  1. A special series of #U2liveshow dedicated to U2's upcoming 40th anniversary. We will broadcast 5 legendary U2 recordings from 27 August to 24 September, every Saturday. Many coincide (closely) with special anniversaries. Enjoy!

    About #U2liveshow
    As part of #U2liveshow we will host many liveshows (audio, but also video if possible) with lots of interesting stuff around it. We will plan them on different dates and times to accommodate as many fans as possible. Every liveshow will also have a rotating host, which will be crew members and fans such as yourself. If you want to host one, let us know!

    About this show
    We'll kick off our #U240 series with the show that took place on 29 April 1987 in Chicago, famously known as "Rock's Hottest Tickets".

    1987-04-29 - Rosemont, Illinois - Rosemont Horizon

    Broadcast details
    Date and time: Saturday 3 September, 7:00 PM GMT
    By who: Me, Remy, will be your host.
    Where: In this topic and on our Mixlr

    We hope to see you there, add it to your calendar
  2. The week U2 was the most popular thing in the world. Great show, and we get to see angry Bono for a moment. I'll be here.
  3. Mmm. I love these live shows.
  4. Haven't listened to Rock's Hottest Ticket in years. Will be nice, I'll try to be here
  5. Will try to be there

  6. Their concerts are as revivifying as anything in rock, with a strong undertow of something not often found this side of Bruce Springsteen: moral passion. U2's songs speak equally to the Selma of two decades ago and the Nicaragua of tomorrow. They are about spiritual search, and conscience and commitment, and it follows that some of the band's most memorable performances -- and, not incidentally, the ones that have helped U2 break through to an even wider audience -- have been in the service of a good cause, at Live Aid or during last summer's tour for Amnesty International. This is not, then, just a band for partying down. "Partying is a disguise, isn't it?" Bono asks, and does not wait for an answer. This is a band that believes rock music has moral imperatives and social responsibilities. There is no one better than U2 at bringing "over there" back "over here," and setting it down right by the front door, where no one can miss it.

    Rock's Hottest Ticket
  7. Tonight is the night
  8. Really looking forward to this show
  9. What time does this show start Remy as it says 7pm UTC on the top of the page but 7.30pm UTC a bit further down the page....???.....
  10. ....I see it looks to be 7pm UTC in the page bar so I'll see you then! Looking forward to the show!! :-)
  11. Whoops yes, it starts within 15 minutes!
  12. Almost time!