1989-12-30 - Dublin
Tour: Lovetown
Songs played: 22
Audio recordings: 2
  1. A special series of #U2liveshow dedicated to U2's upcoming 40th anniversary. We will broadcast 5 legendary U2 recordings from 27 August to 24 September, every Saturday. Many coincide (closely) with special anniversaries. Enjoy!

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    About this show
    We'll continue our #U240 series with the show that took place on 30 December 1989 in Dublin. The night U2 announced that they would "dream it all up again". Apart from this historic speech this is just a fabulous show, everything about it is perfect.

    1989-12-30 - Dublin, Ireland - Point Depot

    Broadcast details
    Date and time: Saturday 17 September, 7:00 PM GMT
    By who: Cesar, will be your host.
    Where: In this topic and on our Mixlr

    We hope to see you there, add it to your calendar
  2. Someone said Lovetown show? I'll be there any time, any place. Great setlist in this show!
  3. By the way, gotta love a good cover art with misspellings
  4. Dezember

    I have stated my love for the 3rd Point Depot show a thousand times over the last 10 years but this show never ceases to amaze me... The best versions of Running To Stand Still and With Or Without You ever, and the famous speech that set the tone for the 90s re-birth of the band... Plus an audience on fire, the band at the top of their game, a rare 11 O'Clock Tick Tock performance, the debut of She's A Mistery To Me (to open the encore!), incredible versions of virtually every song in the setlist... I recommend everyone to listen to this show and admire its brilliance from minute 0 to 105.
  5. I want it !
  6. Just one more day. The band is waiting for tomorrow to give a great show!
  7. Meanwhile, Adam looks for a confirmation that Elvis is still alive.
  8. Actually, that pic can be a good "caption this" contest.
  9. Adam: "you can shun me all you want mofos, I'll look younger than all of you in 20 years."
  10. OK lets rock