2016-09-23 - Las Vegas
Tour: Various Dates
Songs played: 8
Audio recordings: 2
Videos: 1
  1. Just a week to go and then U2 is slated to appear and perform at the iHeart Radio Festival in Las Vegas.

    So, cast your predictions on what they will play!
  2. My prediction: The Miracle, Even Better & Ordinary Love.
  3. A new song would be nice.
  4. Im kinda steering away from a possibility of a new song. Could happened cause of the 40th. If there is a new song, The Best Thing is my main guess then release the single. But mind you, Coldplay had nothing new last year at iheart
  5. They always play Beautiful Day.
  6. My prediction: The Miracle, Vertigo, I Will Follow, Pride, Beautiful Day, With Or Without You
  7. Vertigo, 1 new song ( maybe the The kygo remix?) , I will Follow (or at least another early days song like Out of Control) . Untill the End of the World. And uhm.. Cedarwood Road..
  8. I think Until The End Of The World, Cedarwood Road and Even Better Than The Real Thing are unlikely. These are I+E tour screen songs.
  9. Doesn't mean they can't play them normally.
  10. 1 - The Miracle
    2 - Vertigo
    3 - Beautiful Day
    4 - New song
    5 - Stuck in a moment (duet with one of those other artists I don't really know)
    6 - One (with Sia)

  11. Yes, I know. But if they play these songs everybody has the I+E tour screen in their minds. So it's unlikely, is my guess.
  12. 1. The Miracle
    2. Vertigo
    3. Mofo
    4. The Best Thing
    5. Electric Co.
    6. One ft. Twenty One Pilots
    7. Bad