1. What would be your prefered Joshua Tree tour setlist and what do you think will happen with the non-JT-song slots?
  2. Hopefully the other slots will be filled with collaborations with some B-grade musicians that are relevant but not immediately obvious.
  3. I think it has to be 80's powerhouses. Bad, IWF, OOC, Pride, Sunday, Desire.

    80's or new.
  4. First opening with all the songs of the JT then 7/8 songs of TUF, WAR, October, 2 or 3 b sides, ending like Love town, last song 40.
  5. I hope for The Edge to take spotlight with his Running to stand Still.

  6. I agree, id like them to keep all the songs basically as close to the album as possible, I know streets and wowy have a bit more to them live so I'm ok with that, but even bullet would be better close to its original form I feel. Other than playing the full JT album I really don't mind what they do, that's not like me because I'm a big fan of the rarities but I think playing all the JT is enough of a treat as it is. Acrobat would be cool but probably more suited to the next tour.
  7. Where The Streets Have No Name
    I Will Follow
    Helter Skelter
    Trip Through Your Wires/ Hallelujah
    Mothers of the Disappeard
    I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - Gospel version with choir
    With or Without You
    (acoustic set: )
    Love Rescue Me
    Silver and Gold
    The Unforgettable Fire
    Sunday Bloody Sunday
    Exit / Riders On The Storm (snippet) / Van Morrison's Gloria (snippet)
    In God's Country
    One Tree Hill
    Bullet The Blue Sky / Desire 2017 snippet.
    Red Hill Mining Town
    Running To Stand Still
  8. I hope they will stick to their JT and pre-JT backcatalogue, or at least keep their songs from the 90's and 00's to a minimum of 2-3 hits (like only One and Beautiful Day as their biggest after-JT hits, but nothing more than that)

    I think nobody is still waiting for hearing again COBL, ELevation,...
  9. 1 streets
    2 still havent found
    3 i will follow
    4 sunday
    5 trip through your wires
    6 in Gods country
    7 Desire
    8 one tree hill
    9 exit
    10 red hill mining town
    11 bullet the blue sky
    12 running to stand still
    13 all i want is you
    14 nyd
    15 untill the end of the world
    16 mysterious ways
    17 pride
    18 every breaking wave
    19 with or without you
    20 mothers of the disappeared

    21 vertigo
    22 beautiful day
    23 one
    24 bad
    25 40

    Pretty balanced set. I think edge talked about having to take in account that a lot of people will see u2 for the first time, so I don't think there will be a lot of surprises, basicly a greatest hit fest, which is absolutely fine with me.
  10. 01 - In God's Country
    02 - Bullet The Blue Sky
    03 - Running To Stand Still
    04 - Pride (In The Name Of Love)
    05 - Beautiful Day
    06 - Vertigo
    07 - Desire
    08 - One Tree Hill
    09 - Song For Someone
    10 - Spanish Eyes
    11 - Trip Through Your Wires
    12 - Red Hill Mining Town
    13 - Every Breaking Wave
    14 - Exit
    15 - Bad
    16 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
    17 - One
    18 - Mothers Of The DIsappeared
    19 - With Or Without You

    20 - Where The Streets Have No Name
    21 - I Will Follow
    22 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    23 - ''40''
  11. Love it, Sergio but gotta get NYD in there.

    I haven't seen them perform this song since 1992!!!