1. I joined the site recently and have been overwhelmed and overjoyed that I have finally found it. I collected different bootleg recordings during the 90s and early 2000s, from KTS at local music shops to a mailing list out of Europe (that I don't recall the name of) to the u2blookredsky site awhile back. It is fantastic to see how well done this site is. Thank you to all who have made it what it is.

    I live in Cleveland, OH and will be going to the show on July 1 with my older brother who introduced me to U2 when I was ten back in the mid-80s.
  2. Welcome to the site!

    Have fun in Cleveland!
  3. Welcome on board! It really is a brilliant site and community here isn't it? Enjoy your stay!
  4. Welcome!
  5. Hey! Welcome!
  6. Ahoy-hoy!

    It's great here. Everyone's lovely!
  7. Welcome!