1. I just want to say hello from Cologne (Köln) in Germany :-)
    I'm a big Fan since the War Album.
    Sadly I'm gonna miss the Tour this Year but hope to see U2 next Year.

    So have a nice Day and the best wishes from Germany ...

  2. Welcome! You couldn't choose better U2 community
    Have fun!
  3. Hi greatshi !
  4. Welcome aboard!
  5. Welcome to U2start, nice to have you around
  6. Achtung greatshi! You have a beautiful city there, welcome to U2Start!
  7. Hi Mario, welcome to u2start -- best online family to become part of

    Looking forward to see you around here...... Kölle Alaaf Grüße aus der Ruhrpott-Nachbarschaft
  8. Welcome, Mario!
  9. Herzlichen wilkommen Mario, Grüße aus Amsterdam. You gonna miss something this tour. Cologne has many good beers. Enjoy.
  10. Welcome! Grüße aus Zeeland