2017-07-15 - Rome
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 23
Audio recordings: 5
  1. I think this is one of the best versions of Bad I've heard in years -and a great recording (thanks U2 Start!). Absolutely amazing!

  2. It was the best version I saw. Those two nights in Rome were the best back to back performances I've seen u2 do
  3. WOW! Great video footage! audio amazing must be from Japanese IEM recording! 2 nights in Rome!
  4. Jeez. Anyone who doubts Bono still has singing chops needs to check out that performance.

  5. Yeah, wer're blessed with a great recording, the Seattle version was quite ok but the European version of Bad with the bowie snippet is really powerful with bono belting the lyrics.

  6. Fuck me, this is amazing
  7. One of the best Bad ever!
  8. Is it though?
  9. Happy for those who were there - must have been amazing. Best Bad of the tour.