1. Originally posted by ap5:I thought it was a really solid first full album. Slightly disappointed that so many prior singles made up the bulk of the album, but with that said - I am definitely keeping an eye out for what they release next.

    Honestly can’t think of a debut album I liked more top to bottom in 2021.
    It is indeed a really good album - the kids and I have been listening to it quite a bit. And we've got tickets for Munich in May, my n. 1 (will be 7 at the time, his first concert) and me.
  2. I may have hallucinated this but, when the Inhaler LP first came out, did one of the streaming services have alternate live versions of all the songs?

    Looking on Spotify (in the US), if live versions were there, they aren't anymore. So, I guess my questions are:

    Did these live versions exist and were they streaming someplace, or did I truly hallucinate this?

    If the answer to that is yes live versions were available at one time, is there any place still steaming the live versions or some place they can be purchased?
  3. There was a deluxe album version that had all songs performed from their YouTube stream “live from somewhere” it was taken down all over though after a couple weeks. Thankfully was able to purchase the “live” tracks from my UK iTunes account. If I can figure out a way I’ll try to pm you