1. Mods, we have 2 Vinyl threads
  2. Beauty of and any vinyl....
    Let's melt into one
    Anybody loves the beauty of vinyl?
  3. This one is good but they are kinda both the same, Plus the other one is 7 years old.
  4. Yeah
    B.t.w. I love to post pictures of My Collection
    I'm proud of it

  5. Greeeeat album
    Original 1st press w\sticker on cover

  6. This one's 4u My blueeyedboy
  7. Mods, Does that offend? This was meant as a fresh take on the old.

    It's intention was to showcase in pictures the art of vinyl. As to where the other seemed more of a discussion. If having two topics on vinyl is offensive, I vote we keep the new... And if having more than one thread relating to the same topic is offensive, perhaps we should revisit and revamp and close several threads in our forums... Personally, I don't care for many of the topics of threads in here. I won't name any because others enjoy them... I just don't bother clicking on them... If it bothers you, don't enter...

  8. Relax time
  9. Yeah, IMO they could close this thread.
  10. I O B J E C T ! !