1. very nice

  2. Father & son
  3. You mean you havr the 10" Black vinyl?

  4. 10" inch promotional copy, comes in plain black cardboard generic sleeve...
  5. The same as mine.black cover
  6. This 10" promo is PR12 6804-1 Canada
    Then...the Yellow one ( translucent with lemons on cover ) is 422-862- 957-1 usa copy
    Then i Got 12" promo only Black vinyl 12LEM DJ2
    THERE is a promo...with 2x12" ...as For dj ( Like the one above DJ2)

  7. Gloria always gets him up off his seat!

  8. Welcome back blueeyedboy
    Check this...
    Don't remember the origin.maybe Argentina.
    Flea market.no more than a buck