1. That was nice.her first right?
    I Like her music.but i found hard to finish to listen to the live At Brixton
  2. That's a very good album i listened younger to relax myself
    In the same mood I love to listen "Hammock - Departure Songs" when i'm working on something or reading at home.

  3. No work during xmas holidays ( i begin next monday
    So " shelves dusting"....and found this
    Rick Wakeman - The myths and legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

  4. Enjoying a little Bowie tonight!

  5. For who doesn't Know what Bjork did in the last....check it !

  6. *past
  7. Poncier...


    In the movie SINGLES, Cliff Poncier is one of the main characters who was recently kicked out of his band and decides to record a solo album. During the filming of the movie SINGLES, Chris Cornell took a film prop cassette from the movie set that was Cliff Poncier's demo and seen in the film, wrote and recorded songs to the fake song titles written on the prop cassette "Seasons," "Nowhere But You," "Spoon Man," "Flutter Girl" and "Missing". We will be officially for the first time releasing the Poncier demos on vinyl and cassette with custom art designed by Jeff Ament, in three colorways, randomly distributed.

    1. Seasons 2. Nowhere But You 3. Spoon Man 4. Flutter Girl 5. Missing

  8. Just picked up The Beatles Vinyl Box Set. Amazon Prime was selling for $274.99. I know what I’m doing this weekend!