2017-09-05 - Buffalo
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Songs played: 22
Audio recordings: 4

  1. The Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour will hit Buffalo, New York.
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    2017-09-05 - Buffalo, New York - New Era Field

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  2. How's GA line looking ?
  3. I'm gonna be in the stands but tempted to show up early and hang out with the ga folks
  4. I'm all for being there early but......... Really!
  5. I am calling right now that Larry eats a chicken wing during Elevation bridge in Buffalo. There I said it.
  6. New song tonight ? Maybe?? Hopefully? "Your'e the best thing about me "
  7. haha imagine if he actually did it. You'd be asked to fill in all our lotto tickets etc.
  8. No love for Buffalo? Must be the most non-anticipated show in a long while Everyone is busy with the single news and its likely U2 will wait one more show before playing The Best Thing.
  9. there are still tickets available on ticketmaster - even GA
  10. Will anyone be there to scope this ?