1. it's much better than the switch remix
  2. A really good remix!!!
  3. So, will that video shot in Mexico ever see the light of day?
  4. New acoustic/live version on Spotify! Very cool.
  5. Isn't on mine. I wonder will it show up elsewhere? I never use Spotify! What does it sound like?
  6. It's taken from here:
    I love that acoustic version of GOOYOW
  7. I'm still waiting for the Mexico video... The teaser really had me excited, felling good vibes and thinking this would be an amazing video visually, with gorgeous colors

    I'm sad they ditched it, hope we'll get it as a bonus someday, it seemed completly finished
  8. ...coming from the Landlady thread:

    Thanks. Didn't know this one. And it is indeed more agreeable on me than the two official ones :

    “Get Out of Your Own Way” (Afrojack Remix) (04:07)
    “Get Out of Your Own Way” (Afrojack Remix Extended) (05:08)
    “Get Out of Your Own Way” (Switch Remix) (03:41)
    “Get Out of Your Own Way” (Switch Remix Full) (06:38)

    But, to be honest, the remix doesn't really add something to the song. It's still a bit "meh..."
  9. "The video, a celebration of Mexico, and Mexican culture, reused some skulls that had been used in shooting the James Bond movie Spectre. And the band did not get permission for the skulls to be used in their production, which later posed a problem, and the video was never released. “Así que, por lo pronto el video está muy muerto.” as Reforma says, or “So for now the video is very dead”."

    Couldn't the prop department just make their own skulls?