1. To some of you it shouldn't come as a surprise that Bad is by my far my favourite U2 live song. It is so special and the song along can make the show worth it. Inspired by its Joshua Tree 2017 versions I decided to write an article/slideshow/not-decided yet about the song. For it I wanted to do some research so I ended up listening to all live performances of Bad, or well, I skipped some very low-quality recordings but I have listened to at least 400 versions by now.

    Still, I'm not tired of the song. Just have to listen to all TJT performances now.

    In the meantime I would like to ask your help. Of course I already identified quite a lot of great versions of Bad, great snippets, touching speeches and other great moments but just to make sure I do not miss out on anything in my final work I would like to ask your help My goal is to finalise the piece somewhere in November.

    What I'm looking for: great performances in general, great speeches, great snippets, great collaborations, other interesting moments etc. If there's anything in your comments I missed I will re-listen and might include it
  2. Look no further Remy

    Is right up there as one of the best.
  3. I suggest you these ones:

    1984-11-05, Edinburgh
    1987-05-09, Hartford (probably the best ever)
    1987-06-06, Gothenburg
    1992-10-24, Tempe
    1993-08-12, London
  4. I really love the version of bad from slane 1 in 2001,great snippets maybe not the best performance of it but that was such an emotionally charged show this really stood out to me at the time. The version at south bend in 2001 with the molly malone snippet at the end was class as well,or the version from the second show at the rds in 1993 has to be up there as one of the best as well, to be fair its very hard to pick the best version of Bad as its such a great song.
  5. This is an impossible but at the same time enjoyable thread because I love so many performances of Bad and it’s let me try and dig out the best ones but I can’t really decide. My personal favourites are from Brussels 2010 and Glasgow 2015, I regularly watch and listen to they performances.
  6. Bad, my favorite song !

    Best 2017 version for me : 2017-06-23 Toronto

    and one of the best, or THE best : 1990-01-10 Rotterdam

  7. One of their best Song ever
    I'd rather listen to the versions with the snippets of Sympathy For the devil and if i remember well Walk on the wild side
  8. You've probably got most of these on your list, but:

    1985-04-15 East Rutherford, New Jersey: Incredible sixteen-minute performance. Love it to death.
    1992-05-22 - Milan, Italy: My vote for all-around best version. The solo here is incredible - I've never found anything like it in another performance - and the "So Cruel" snippet should've been a nightly feature.
    1992-06-13 - Kiel, Germany - Contains the only substantial Walk to the Water snippet, and it sounds fantastic.
    1993-08-12 London, England: Stunning collaboration with Joe Shankar on violin. Really adds to the song.


    1984-11-02 - London: First ever snippet in bad and it's a good one - Elvis Presley & America.
    2005-09-21 - Chicago, Illinois: Good "The First Time" snippet.
  9. It's by the way in My top ten of u2 best songs
    It's a Song that when i listen to it i don't hear wife-daughter-son's voices calling me
  10. Along with Live Aid in 1985 the best performance for me is Self Aid 1986. Simply stunning. The best version of the best song U2 ever wrote. So powerful on their home patch too
  11. Definitely 1990 Rotterdam and for this year I still think that Twickenhams Bad is the best of the tour.
  12. Couldn't agree more.

    My perfect Bad is from 10-1-1990.

    JT30's Twickenham 1 had imo the most surprising/memorable Bad.