1. Hi everyone! I am Arjav Rawal from Dublin, CA in the Bay Area. I am currently a sophomore in high school. As the son of Indian immigrants, most of my early memories are from listening to Indian classical music. I took vocal lessons for Indian classical music, and have recorded some of my favorite Indian music, taking inspiration from bands like U2, R.E.M., Coldplay, and etc etc. I'm on all major streaming services and digital music stores, for those of you interested. Just look up "Arjav Rawal" and you should find the 3 songs I've done, as well as a remix of one by a good friend of mine.

    The album I'll be releasing in January, entitled "Atulya" in memory of my grandfather, was recorded mostly during a time period when I was listening to a lot of Achtung Baby. The extreme experimentation on that record inspired me to do a lot of my own as well. A lot of U2-esque treatment has been given to this album -- my grandfather's song choices were very conventional for the genre they're from, so the interpretations would (I think) be otherwise unheard of. But enough of that for now.

    I look forward to participating in some constructive discussions about unarguably one of the best rock bands on the planet. Thanks all!
  2. Welcome on u2start Arjav!

    Have fun


    PS: But I hope you realize that the whole point of a discussion is exactly to exchange arguments. Even about one of the best rock bands in the world
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  4. Welcome! Hope you'll have fun here
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  6. Originally posted by Adamaok:Hi everyone, my name is Adam. I’ve been a member of u2start for over 6 years. I’ve only just started posting on this forum, as the previous forum I was a part of, has shut down. I have been a U2 fan since 1988. First concert was Lovetown Sydney. I am enjoying the new album, and this is no time not to be alive.
    you can make your own topic for this But welcome anyway and have fun
    (you were here for bootlegs, right? - almost everyone started like it )