1. hey guys

    big U2 fan all the way from the Middle East, since NLOTH -some might say that's a bad start to be a fan - but anyway that's not the topic

    does anyone remember the song called "North Star" form U2 that they played live during the 360 tour, after that they never released the song and not mentioning it at all!

    whatever happend to the song?
  2. some people say that North Star becomes "Song for Someone", even though I see no resemblance between them.
  3. When I'm singing it in my mind, sometimes there's a point when it becomes SFS, so there's that.


    In youtube there's an edited version that's half decent. I use that one as my "studio version" of the song...

  4. this version died on time?
  5. I can't check youtube from work, but the name of the video I downloaded some time ago, was "U2 and Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon North Star BO" (I copied the name of the video in the song's properties), I think the instrumentation is not U2, or I'm not sure... there's no much info available.

    But that's the one I liked it cause it sounded like a complete song.
    I'll check the one you linked later, or if someone has a better option, please let me know
  6. do wish it would be released as a b-side
  7. another record store day would work too
  8. unfortenutly not on SOE
  9. Whew man I miss sitting on my couch doing setlist parties for the 360 tour, just praying this song was going to pop up in the middle again.

    Miss this tune.

  10. Best quality version I can find with quick searching. Really hope they give this song a real release, even if Songs of Ascent has been put in The Bin (TM).
  11. My computer won't show what the video above, but I really enjoyed the 2011 Miami performance I was lucky enough to be there. It's a shame they did not finish the song. Even the way it was performed live was better than 75% of SOI. However, Ryan Teddy Bear or Danger Rat would have likely overproduced it into a Coldplay or Killers song anyways
  12. north star coming soon...on songs of ascent!