1. As some of you know I have listened to almost all live performances of Bad. Along the way I found some snippets that are either Bongolese (so Bono making up stuff) or references to songs which are not identified yet. These snippets are not identified by U2gigs so help us out!

    Here is my list:
    1987-05-09 - “Hollywood shines like a star..”
    1989-11-17 - Great great snippet, but no idea which song “write til its over“, “can you feel it”, “foreign dreams”
    1992-05-09 - “Took you like a [..]”
    1992-08-12 - Two unknown snippets, or one? “White carnations fall?” “Jersey girl”?
    2001-05-24 - Some words difficult to make out
    2001-08-18 - “Time..” something like that, right before 40
    2005-04-21 - “I’m not alone..”
    2005-12-04 - Unidentified talking etc.
  2. I put all My heart in this Challenge but.....sorry.i failed.i can't help you At all.i looked For all the snippets in the u2world.but no MATCH
  3. We could identify all of these and U2gigs still wouldn't add them.

    I'll have a listen.
  4. I think they're mostly improvisations.
  5. Remy, I hate to be lazy but audio that is streaming would facilitie this.
  6. For God's sake, we offer all these recordings just 2 clicks away