1. On 16 November U2 played a gig at Abbey Road studios which ended up being broadcasted on the BBC and numerous other (international) TV channels. U2 were backed by a 38-member string section on each song, and a choir joins them for some songs. One of the choir's singers is Lydia Clowes, who was happy to answer us some questions on her performance with U2 that day.

    "U2 were lovely, so humble and kind, and very appreciative of everyone involved in the event"

    Hi Lydia. Can you tell us something about yourself and about the London Contemporary Voices?
    I sing as part of London Contemporary Voices which is a group of roughly 100 singers based in London. It’s a wonderful community of both professional and non professional singers and we do some great projects, both as a full choir and as backing groups, such as this U2 gig! For this one there were 10 of us from the group.

    You and the choir performed with U2 for a special at Abbey Road last December. What was it like?
    Fantastic! Both to perform at Abbey Road Studios and with U2 were very exciting opportunities, and it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

    How did you experience working with U2? What were they like?
    They were lovely, so humble and kind, and very appreciative of everyone involved in the event.

    Can you tell us something about how such a show comes together, did you have to rehearse a lot, even prior to the night?
    We had one rehearsal the day before the performance so really it all came together quite quickly, especially for such a large scale production with an orchestra too! It goes to show how professionally it was run and that was a great learning experience for me. Sometimes things can change last minute and you have to be so focused for the performance.

    Were you familiar with U2 before? Can you list some of your favourite songs or songs you are familiar with?
    Yes of course! I have always loved the songs Beautiful Day, With or Without You and One. And now a new favourite of mine is Stuck in a Moment. Singing Beautiful Day as the opening song was a really amazing feeling, it’s such a feel good song anyway!

    Did you watch it back yet? What was your favourite performance of the night?
    Yes I watched it back, I think I enjoyed Beautiful Day the most, partly because I love the song but also as I could see that everyone on stage was really enjoying themselves and taking in the moment!

    Lydia, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. We U2 fans would love U2 to do more of these things in the future. U2 will be touring again this year, will you go to or are you planning to go to any (UK) shows once announced?
    Thanks I’d love to go and see one of their tour dates, might see you there!
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