1. Nothing?? I can’t believe the news today...
  2. You all need to lower your expectations.
  3. What do you mean? :

    It will not be release?
    It is not a great capture?
    It won't be available for download?
  4. The TV broadcast isn’t anything special.
  5. It's a pro shot recording of a U2 concert, which I've been to. That's special enough for me
  6. Arguably the HBO Paris Pro shot was the exact same, compared to the final product. Still very good though.
  7. At least that one was a full one. Starting E&I shows with Elevation is nonsense
  8. Was the bbc version of paris (possibly other tv versions as well) not longer than the dvd excluding bonus content? Bad for example wasn’t cut on tv but was for the dvd during the bit where Bono was trying to put the flag on the drums. I think with this release it’s been long enough that maybe this is just a little taster to get people wanting more whereas paris was out pretty quickly then we had to wait 6 months or so for the dvd, just different strategies I think.
  9. Paris 1 was online before the terror attacks happened on the 13th.