1. Hi folks,

    Berlin 2018 Multicams!

    Multicam 31 Aug / 01 Sept online on U2torrents (BD, DVD9, MKV)

    Multicam 13 November online on U2torrents (BD, MKV, DVD9)

  2. Count me in of course :-)
  3. I hope we have enough to complete the 32mins of Saturday, I will add it as Bonus to the Friday show.

    Please get in touch if you have Videos from both nights!
  4. Some pro shot from night 1
  5. I'm requesting fan made videos, not some snippets from a (copyrighted) Presskit, but thanks
  6. I'll get in touch with you soon, sparko :-)
  7. for the seconds show is it a very short DVD
  8. That's why it is attached as Bonus to the complete one
    But it's already a historical U2 night!
  9. Oh and yes, I will be at the final show and doing another multicam!
  10. Need Videos from Berlin1 from these songs:

    Red Flag Day (!)
    Cedarwood Road (runway seats of the Screen)
    Beautiful Day
    Get out of your own way
    Vertigo (!!!!)
    Summer of Love (!)
    Love is bigger
    New Year's Day

    Useful too:
    Real Thing

    Please get in touch if you have something!