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    Spoke to someone in Berlin who went to Tokyo in 2006.

    They said they have a very different style of queueing, can't exactly remember the specifics.
    This article is an interesting read. Wonder if it will be the same for U2.


    Shock horror, lining up early for GA may not get you into the concert first. Looks like GA enters the concert in the order that tickets were bought! Problem is it looks bloody hard to buy tickets. Wonder if that has changed.

    You guys may lose your minds when you hear that photography is strictly prohibited by many venues & artists! Just like lots of us, I love having those photos & videos for posterity. But wouldn't it be nice to see the crowds rocking out, instead of seeing a sea of smartphones held aloft.
  2. I think that’s a pretty fair way of doing it regarding the GA line. The first GA tickets are going to go to u2.com subscribers who are supposed to be getting priority so no issue with that. The photography thing doesn’t bother me either, it would definitely be refreshing to see more eyes on the band than on a phone screen or through a camera.
  3. Yeah, & must be refreshing for the band also, to see the crowd really getting into the music.
  4. Definitely

    Photos we can take in Australia. Camera policy for most stadiums is that any lens is allowed as long as it's shorter than 200mm. Which is incredible. Best policies of the world for someone like me
  5. Dallas in an interview about the rumours:
    Edge and I just did a little something both in London and in Los Angeles… so… his U2 juices are flowing! He is writing as well as spending this 2019 with his Irish and American Family. His wife Morleigh and many children and Grand children are all very loving people.

    The band is really just “resting” this year but… they never rest very long in my 31 years with them… so stay tuned!

    Yes, some strong “rumors” of maybe U2 playing in some of all those countries you mention… but… again only rumors at this time. I myself would welcome more U2 live gigs if they decide on doing something. I would be available for sure!
  6. Lovetown part 2..
  7. Need a way to follow a Joshua Tree tour?

    Celebrate the album that follows it!

    (Note: Chances of U2 playing R&H songs other than Desire/AIWIY = 0%)
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    Need a way to follow a Joshua Tree tour?

    Celebrate the album that follows it!

    (Note: Chances of U2 playing R&H songs other than Desire/AIWIY = 0%)
    Angel of Harlem? And they did play When Love comes to town at the Apollo last year too. I do find it hard to see them playing anything else from Rattle and Hum though but I didn’t expect them to play RHMT and Acrobat either so there’s room for surprises.
  9. Hawaii is in plans too, right?
  10. They played love rescue me last time around in Australia, in case anyone has forgotten
  11. That would be sick, missed it last time.