1. Interview with Dallas, February 2019 by U2br:
    Edge and I just did a little something both in London and in Los Angeles… so… his U2 juices are flowing! He is writing as well as spending this 2019 with his Irish and American Family. His wife Morleigh and many children and Grand children are all very loving people.

    The band is really just “resting” this year but… they never rest very long in my 31 years with them… so stay tuned!

    Yes, some strong “rumors” of maybe U2 playing in some of all those countries you mention… but… again only rumors at this time. I myself would welcome more U2 live gigs if they decide on doing something. I would be available for sure!

  2. *looking up flights to Sydney*
  3. well that didnt take long at all

    but what are they gonna do ? extend the ei tour?
  4. Everybody stay calm, it's happening.
  5. they might mash the past 3 tours together and play a bit of everything.
  6. Well this is exciting
  7. Only Australia or asia and south america as well?
  8. Am I the only one holding out for Songs of Ascent? Maybe that'll be in the canon by then?
  9. "Here's a song off the next album" .... All My Life starts