1. I have no clear favorite... for 2 of the 3 tours. Sadly I couldn't make E+I but the 2 tours I did see ended up were both great in their own way.
    I+E for my first ever U2 shows and JT... pretty self explanatory.
  2. Anyone out there got a copy of u2 london 93 20th August please
  3. Of the recent tours I felt that

    Ei was a 9/10 : great concept, great execution, near perfect setlist by the time it got to Dublin/Berlin

    iE was a 8.5/10 : great concept, very well executed, however the setlist did have a couple of staples I am no fan of - Bullet and Desire/Angel of Harlem

    TJT30 was a 5/10 : a cashgrab concept that pulled itself into weird shapes to feel relevant, and felt like a tour motivated by money rather than any artistic reason. It was great to see songs like Exit and One Tree Hill reappear, BUT it was a nostalgia, "Look How Great We Were" type feel after the euphoria of the show. Like brilliant but hollow sex with an ex you haven't seen for 30 years and has aged pretty well.