1. Fellow U2starter @wideawake69 reached out to me with two possible missing shows from the catalogue that took place in the summer of 1979. I couldn't find these mentioned anywhere. Not at U2gigs/AtU2 tours, nor in Pimm's book. Did they ever took place? Are these known fakes or just missing?

    1979-06-30 - Clondalkin, Ireland - Community Centre
    U2 play at a 10-hour rock festival "Clondalkin Rocks" together with Raw Deal, Free Booze and The Rage. Admission was ´┐ża3001.50.

    * http://ghostown1976.com/u2-gigs-1976-to-1981/u2-gigs-jan-june-1979/
    * Poster: https://www.u2start.com/images/upload/917230c1799766b5e347bdca8ea2d3e2.jpg
    * Patrick Dillon from Free Booze remembers a riot when a fight broke out and they were all running down the roads to get away from it.


    1979-08-16 Carlow, Ireland - El Ruedo

    * Poster: https://www.u2start.com/images/upload/a09f20a1033f559aaa5596f07948f7bf.jpg
    * http://www.igp-web.com/Carlow/Tullow_St_2.htm
    * U2 played there when they were starting out and we ran them out of it as they were so bad....ha ha...what did we know. A lot of bands would come down from Dublin to 'try out' - it was a great place to be in the 70s. - Source: Anna Nolan Gough 12/2012.
  2. Hmmmm....................very interesting?
  3. Updated the opening post with a bit more detail. I have contacted Raw Deal who U2 played with in Clondalkin to help me confirm the first date but from all I can see now I have no reason these dates are fake. They both seem legit.

    Will await the response from Raw Deal and then add these to our show pages