1. Hello,
    I list the official lives of U2.
    "U2 GIGS" lists the OFFICIAL concert of Washington (16.08.1992) on the album "Achtung Baby - Super Deluxe Remastered".. but I did not find it..
    Is there really? Do you know it? Did you? Do you know where I can download it officially?
    Thank you for your answers
  2. There is some footage from Washington in the "Outside Broadcast TV Special" on a DVD in the Super Deluxe Box.
  3. The songs are complete? otherwise it does not interest me ..
  4. There is also "Even Better" (Stockholm 92) and Until The End (Oakland 92) apparently ..
  5. It is not a complete show, but the most songs are complete. Don't you know this special? It was with ZooTV News, ZooTV comercials, a "commentator" David Saltz, U2's "Doppelgangers" at the Pat Kenny Show, short Imterviews.
    You can watch here:

    Originally it was filmed in 4:3 format
  6. Just appearances?
  7. If i know .. not really complete .. or disturbed .. but thanks really for the info
  8. Are you sure it's the Washington concert? All songs?