1. This is getting popular so I thought id make one. You can make one yourself here.
    Also I've only ranked the albums from 1980-2005 because I've barely touched the latest three. Also keep in mind that I haven't fully listened to most of these albums but I have heard them live and I'm kinda going off that so sorry about that

  2. noice ideia
  3. Hahaha, I don't get why so much hatred upon R&H. I really enjoy all the new songs (and covers) (especially Hawkmoon and Love Rescue Me), and the live songs from the past albums are really strong (Bullet, ISHFWIF).

    On the other hand, HTDAAB has a couple of bright moments, but that's all.

    I see you rate Boy as one of their best, that's interesting too!
  4. What do the letters mean? The S is throwing me off.

  5. This was fun!