Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Legs (1): New Zealand, Australia and Asia
Shows: 15
  1. IT'S ON! It has leaked, but not all information is out there. But since it has leaked we can have a topic about the tour here.

  2. Cool poster btw.
  3. happy for everyone over there
  4. YES! It is on!!
  5. Originally posted by DanialGowans:Sorry but this website is becoming a large part of this joke, and very quickly !!! This whole TOUR BS reflects bad on whoever runs this forum!!

    PS: I heard thru a friend who has a black Labrador Dog who once happened to take a crap on Bonos front lawn who happened to overhear Bono arguing with Ali about the OZ Tour that was confirmed stuffing around with their plans for a family ski trip in the French Alps! MAKE SURE U MENTION THIS RUMOR !! ITS CREDIBLE!
    Originally posted by kezman:I genuinly cant believe how alot of you convinced yourselves a tour was happening.I posted on here before Bono said the words "U2 are going away now" only in November,so why swallow all this guff about people pretending they "have sources" close to the band.
    A tour in Australia will no doubt happen at some point but they toured hard 15,17 and 18.Unusual for U2 so some rest is well overdue and whether you like it or not theyre getting old.
    Originally posted by PogMoThoin:You’ve toured a lot in the past few years. Will you take a long break when this one ends?
    I think there’s been three tours that have been on each other’s heels pretty quickly. I would say that we’ll probably take a little bit of a break at the end of this tour and regroup. There’s lots of ideas for the next records, but I think a bit of time off just to listen to music and to really feed our creative instincts is in order.

    It´s imminent because We say so. General sale will start on 12.04.2019 because we say so. Anouncemt for the Tour 04.04.2019 because we say so. Touranouncement 2 08.04.2019 because we dreamed of. U2 Touring in Aus/Asia because WE SAY SO. But U2 says we take a break from all of you. Because we said so.

    Originally posted by Ricku2:we better should go back to just speculating for fun instead of these so called reliable rumours. I know U2songs is right most of the time but still I think they are not a good thing for the U2 community. I hope they stop with this BS, right or wrong.

    Originally posted by Streetfighter:Sorry if I'm sceptical.
    I've just read on U2Songs page that the announce will be on the 20th and the tour will probably be branded Joshua Tree Tour. Some thoughts:
    1) We are at 5 days from announcement. Someone here told me that when you get close to the announcement, you will find some leaks around like posters or so on. I don't have notice of any leak.
    2) Often before an announcement you have a pre-announcement, something like a "stay tuned". I don't have notice of this.
    3) JTT is a 2 and a half years old tour. Remaking it again is a commercial and artistic non-sense. Also if Australian fans didn't see it.
    4) Between JTT time and today, U2 made a new album and a new tour (E&I). Again, coming back to JTT is a commercial and artistic non-sense.
    5) If they do JTT tour, they cannot put out the JTT DVD. Putting out the DVD of the tour before the tour itself is a commercial suicide for the selling of the DVD.
    My opinion? There will be NO TOUR. Hope to be wrong, but this is my opinion.

    Originally posted by DanialGowans:God people ... wake up!!! This proposed tour of 'downunder' is NOT going to happen , if my contacts are anything to go by! If it ever was seriously considered its so dead in the water now its not funny. Regardless think about it! A tour like this was speculated to be goes against every blueprint/roadmap that U2 has ever had when it comes to touring ( no new songs , don't want to be seen as a heritage act etc etc ) they are habitual creatures when it comes to firing up the beast that is the U2 machine! We will see them in 3 years time with a new collection of songs that they believe in and that stir the fire inside that will drive them for one final hurrah!!

    Originally posted by ZOOTVTOURist:[..]
    good one. Now, honestly, I haven‘t laughed as much for a long time. And I really can‘t get over, that some people here believe obviously that this tour will happen for sure. That some people here motivate others by their statements to follow this hysteria and spread it. With anonymous sources or own conclusions being the basis? Me, as having been a U2 fan for nearly 35 years now, I do dream as most people here of new albums and tours, new horizons of art, music and creativity. And I’m always curious for rumours leading in these directions, though trying to be not too enthusiastic about them, before they become more credibile. For now? What I do know is Bono retreating from the stages of Dublin IV and Berlin III saying to play here no more for only God knows when, The Edge/Adam/Larry talking about a (long) break and Dallas confiirming recently, that U2 will rest this year. Being this a rumours thread, here in Germany some U2 fans, I know, do talk about, there will be no tour this year - and maybe never ever again. Others talk about Down Under, NZ and Asia. With this forum being the main source. So we have to wait and see. That is all for the moment, folks, and - I love this U2start Forum!

    Originally posted by zooropa93:I never thought this would happen, they should have gone to OzAsia after South America at the end of 2017. No way would they go back to a series of concerts after playing in 2015, 2017, 2018.

  6. If you click the “See Tickets” links, they don’t lead to any events… but it could be a skip on their part
  7. Is this leak likely to speed up making the announcement official?
  8. Yeah they accidentally set one page online.