Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Legs (1): New Zealand, Australia and Asia
Shows: 15
  1. Originally posted by kevinu267:[..]
    Quite nice to offer.

    But I would be a bit wary myself if I had already bought tickets using the same code.

    Whether through ignorance or malice the person who you shared the code with could buy more then 2. Possibly getting all the tickets cancelled.
    Yep, not allowed to offer here. Against rules:

    It is for your personal use only and cannot be transferred/used by anyone else. All ticketing code use is audited and anyone found to be abusing presale privileges risks cancellation of ticket purchases and subscription. Please be aware that some ticketing will be paperless – details on the ticketing site.
  2. There seems to be tickets getting added as we go along.
    Adelaide Level 3 was Single Seats only but now you can buy multiples. Also Brisbane GA was sold out but now is available
  3. Originally posted by Chrisssie:Does anyone know from what time on you have to queue with a RZ ticket to get a spot at the front? I know that I had number 25 in Berlin last November when I arrived at (I think it was) 4 or 4.30pm. But that was an arena concert and now it's stadium.
    I thinking of buying a RZ ticket for the 2nd show. But if I have to queue the entire day like for the normal GA area, I would not spend so much money.

    I did RZ 6-8x on the JT tour and got a rail spot every time, even entering after the opening act most of the time. The majority of the RZ crowd heads to rail spots on the B-Stage and ramp, while you can easily get a main stage rail spot at any time. Also, I was at some of the bigger shows like Sao Paulo, Dublin etc, not 3rd tier markets that werent full
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  5. I've edited my Sydney pricing map in the Sydney thread, for anyone looking at seats in Sydney.