Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Legs (1): New Zealand, Australia and Asia
Shows: 15
  1. Yeah, what the hell. You can still buy 8 x GA's!

    Don't think U2 has sold very well in the past there as well have they? Maybe the weather's too nice & people are out doing other things

    Looks like you can still buy 8 x CAT 1, 2 or 3 tickets. While CAT 4 & 5 have sold out. Maybe the problem is that Brisbane people are cheap
  2. Originally posted by Sydney_MIke:Ticketmaster is showing presale dates for second Auckland show if you have any codes left.

    Red Hill - midday Thursday
    Wires - 4pm Thursday
    Live Nation - Friday 2pm
    General - Monday (17th) at 1pm
    All time are NZ

    Sooner than I expected! Guess that will mean most presales will start Thursday.
  3. Live Nation presale for Sydney is 1pm AEST on Friday as well, which would make fan club on Thursday.
  4. Yeah they will do the same schedule as the others. Unfortunately different times, Auckland 12:00pm is like 2am here, 10am was better
  5. Other than announcement day (on Triple M Sydney), I'd only seen one hint of any promotion (a late night ad slot on TV after the State of Origin rugby league had finished). But that's changed this evening. There's been two ads in the last half hour, during prime time news hour. Good to see, though the way Sydney's sold it wasn't really required. Bodes well for Sydney 2 sales.
  6. No Melbourne #2
  7. And Singapore????

  8. The timing seems to be uncertain. I updated my original post based on what was saying but when I checked TM again it says 12pm for Red Hill and that it is in 1d 12h and 34m, Odd thing is that was at 9:27pm Sydney time, so 1d 12h 34m would be at 10am on Thursday, which would be 12pm in New Zealand. however has it at 10am NZ time.

    All very confusing and hopefully clarified in the next 24 hours.

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