2009-06-30 - Barcelona
Tour: U2 360° Tour
Songs played: 23
Audio recordings: 9
Videos: 1
  1. Around 15 more minutes before I start the pre-show music. Recording sounds very good. Who's joining tonight here?
  2. I'll be tuning in. Not sure if I'll do the whole show, and whether this temporary wifi I'm using will hold up!
  3. Cool!
  4. The stream is now live
  5. damn 10 years
  6. I always liked Breathe as an opener.
  7. Wish they'd've kept Breathe in the set the whole tour
  8. Also, this month/today, U2start has been on Facebook and Twitter for 10 years. The start of the social era.
  9. The best performance of NLOTH coming up. Remember fondly the crowd singing the 'ohohohohooww'
  10. Wow Haven't heard that in such a long time.
  11. I also remember 1000mikes today, the early predecessor of Mixlr