2019-12-04 - Saitama
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 26
Audio recordings: 4
Videos: 1
  1. I think these are the two shows I'm going to attend
    No info on Presale dates though
  2. "In Japan reservations for U2.com subscribers will begin on Tuesday 4 June. The pre-orders for PIA and ePLUS begin Friday 14 June with final tickets for both performances on sale Saturday 20 July."
  3. Oh ok
    My fault..
    At least, let's hope that there will be an English language web site so we can have access to the pre sale
  4. Thanx
    Bookmarked already
  5. Do floors in Japan cost about 200 USD?
  6. Hi, folks! I want to thank for sharing your information, I've been following ''RUMORS'' across many pages for several months, was so happy and exciting time. I hope all of folks get tickets and see you in Japan.
  7. I will be surprised to see the stage actually fitting into Saitama.