2019-12-04 - Saitama, Japan - Saitama Super Arena

On Wednesday 4 December a U2 performance in Saitama, Japan - Saitama Super Arena is scheduled to take place, share your participation on this page with us:

We would like to know which shows you attended and which shows you are going to attend. On this page you can see which members attended or are going to attend this show. Maybe you can send some of them a private message to meet up or talk about this show.

show attendees: 32

5 users from California: Desierto, KenL, edlomax, jodneko27, nuzzer1
4 from United Kingdom: MarkPeterborough, Welsh_Edge, gorbyuk, jonno77
3 from Germany: JJF360, VanHimmel, tuf_1974
2 from Colorado: jxbeutl, kristinabrwn580
2 from France: StephOnTour87, elisyd
2 from Poland: Wiercioch, Xylomyloto
2 from Italy: Vi_EvansU2, mastrovox
2 from Netherlands: MartinRomeling, Remy
1 from Canada: jahorro
1 from Washington: ballardmama
1 from Greece: panasol
1 from United Arab Emirates: iambic
1 from Australia: Mattdwyer
1 from Hong Kong: grace
1 from Slovenia: apis
1 from Arizona: malamute
1 from Czech Republic: U2CZ
1 from Japan: mi
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  1. By tere_mamiit       Send message
    2 tickets for sale (E-ticket)
    Seating ticket: S - Seat
    Price: JPY41,976

    Watching in SG instead.

  2. By u2fanforever66       Send message
    1 ticket for sale (Paper ticket)
    General Admission (standing ticket)
    Price: $200 USD

    We have to pick the tickets up in Tokyo. Our friend can’t make it.