1. It's that time once again to see which songs will be played on the 2019 Joshua Tree Tour, we know the Joshua Tree Songs will be played a 100%, so we're going to skip that. But first Let's go to the early top two CD's in the tour.


    I Will Follow - 100%. It has never, ever missed a concert and it still holds the remaining crowd pleasing song at every concert, But it has missed some opening nights take ZOOTV, Vertigo, 360 and 2017 Joshua Tree Tour for instance. But despite that, I Will Follow is still the #1 favorite from Boy, and there's no way that the band are thinking about giving it up after 39 years of this song being played.

    An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart - 45%. Two heartwarming songs on this album, of course this song has never made an appearance since the 2005 Vertigo Tour, but it didn't make any appearances on 2 Joshua Tree Tours, 1987 and 2017 although i thought it could, But there was no room for it. I know this is a 45% but as much as I would love to see it, I don't think it's happening.

    Out of Control - 75% - Out of Control has missed the last two tours since it's final tour appearance on December of 2015, but it did return to the set at the Roxy in June of last year, This is the first time since the ZOOTV Tour & The Popmart Tour that Out of Control has never been played in tour, And the last time Out of Control participated in the Joshua Tree Tour was on December 19, 1987. So that means Out of Control has a few shows to return to the Joshua Tree Tour in 2019. And i think that will happen, I think put it as the closer to send the fans home happy.

    The Ocean - 50% - The Ocean finally returned permanately on the E&I Tour, it's last appearance on being in a full tour was 1982. Until they retired it and put it back on the shelf until 2005, But truthfully I thought this song would be put in the 1987 Joshua Tree Tour, would've worked well right into One Tree Hill or Exit. I think maybe yeah give The Ocean a fair share of being in this tour since there was no room for it in the 2 Joshua Tree Tours.

    The Electric Co. - 75%. The last time Electric Co was at a Joshua Tree Tour was in August of 1987. I thought it could make the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, we could have seen an opening like this instead of SBS/NYD/ASOH and Pride, IWF/Electric Co/Out of Control and Gloria, I say this has a chance to be a rare appearance, doesn't have to be played every night, just be played in the main set.


    Gloria - 85%
    - Last time Gloria was in the Joshua Tree Tour was on December 20, 1987, sadly it did not make the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour which i was surprised cause i could've seen it there and considering that it stayed in the Experience and Innocence Tour meaning that Gloria missed a drought, it had been a regular since The Band played it. But maybe Gloria makes a return to the Tree.

    October - 65%. - October was a crowd pleasing song throughout the 1980's, There's no doubt that October set the standard in the Joshua Tree Tour with Bad, New Year's Day and Pride together. It's last Joshua Tree Tour performance was in December of 1987, And October returned in 2015 on Innocence & Experience, but sadly, it did not return for the two tours, the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour and E&I. But I could see this song make a return to the set, have it be played with the regular favorite New Year's Day, it'd be since 1989 that the two have been played together.
  2. I'd like them to play Out of control from Boy and Gloria from October. I don't think either have been played since Lovetown in NZ or Australia...
  3. We were all waiting for your predictions!