1. I enjoyed this podcast. Great to hear that U2 are still alive in the hearts of Aussies. Hopefully a new generation will get turned on to TJT this fall.
  2. These podcasts are amazing. It is a great way to get into some details and insights I'd most probably would have missed otherwise. Very easy to listen to, very interesting looking forward to what's next
  3. Originally posted by EthanD:Very much enjoyed making this with the lads. It's great to talk to people that know the same U2 trivia you do. Thanks for this opportunity!
    I just listened to the podcast and it was a very interesting conversation Just have to tell you: I was amazed at your hilarious and lovely accent, it's so different to anything else I've ever heard (and I used to work with a guy from Brisbane). Yours us so thick that I couldn't make out many words, yet I thoroughly enjoyed it !!!