1. After the question a few posts ago I did a little experiment with "3D"ing Edge's Guitar(s) for The Fly. Edge is double-tracked with the 2 tracks panned hard left and right. "Second Edge" is delayed by around 37ms to get that surround sound and both are slightly up in volume against the rest.

    As a song it doesn't sound better, but the effect is interesting as it sort of pulls Edge out of the mix, like he's on top of it instead of in it..

  2. I don't share usually share the non-U2 mixes I try on this forum, but thought this was an interesting idea. I mixed 'Stoned Love' by The Supremes into 'I Wanna Be Adored' by The Stone Roses. The first is the intro song they came on stage with, 2nd the opening song live.

    Any ideas for a U2 'variant' of this? They came on stage to many songs but not sure what fits and would be thematically interesting..
  3. Did a little experiment this weekend and butchered two u2 songs into '3D French Disco with Bass-Heavy Sound System' edits. Here's the first (headphones advised):

  4. Hm on YT that sounds too dark/sluggish. I was looking for this 'vocal around you' with this heavier dancefloor slap sound but have to try and anticipate YT's audio processing as well.

    Tried a new version today, see how this sounds between now and 24 hours (or so):

  5. Did some '3D Audio' experiments with a couple of U2 songs the last couple of days. Until The End Of The World came together fairly quickly.

    It's weird but I like it, it kind of changes my perception of the 'swing' of this song:

  6. Yes, it's weird, but it's very interesting mix.
    I've found a lost guitar on my ears!
  7. Thanks!.. I'm not easy to brag but this sounds epic, can't stop listening. Few more coming up
  8. Tried to do a re-do/remix/edit of Mercy:

    (The basis is an mp3 of the 2007 YouTube upload, so bear with me please )