2005-10-17 - Philadelphia
Tour: Vertigo Tour
Songs played: 23
Audio recordings: 2
Videos: 1
  1. Missed it? Here is the replay:

    We will gather with U2 fans around the world to watch "live" to a show. We will watch a great video of the Vertigo Tour - 2005-10-17 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We will broadcast a great single cam video with good video and audio

    The liveshow will be broadcasted over YouTube live, and the video will appear on this page a few hours before the show and will automatically start on showtime. You can also choose to play the video "picture in picture", so you can keep chatting while watching! You will also be able to find it on YouTube itself so you can stream it on your TV or phone.

    Some reviews of the show, from U2start members:


    Awesome show, really surprise me, many good versions!!

    Great surpirse !!! Awesome show and very good show !!! Highlights: Vertigo ( excellent version)Beatiful day ( excellent version) Miracle drug, Sometimes you can..., Miss Sarajevo, Fast cars and Peolpe get ready ( duet with Bruce Springsteen)
    We will broadcast this show on Saturday 16 May at:

    - 2:00 PM US Pacific Time
    - 5:00 PM US East Coast
    - 22:00 London time (UK/Portugal)
    - 23:00 Central European Time (Netherlands/France/Spain/Italy/Germany)

    Next day, 17 May:
    - 01:00 Moscow
    - 07:00 Sydney

    Hope you can all join us!

    Basically, at the time of the show, come here in this thread and press play to watch to an epic show.

  2. Nice! The setlist is great
  3. Video too
  4. A show with a Patti S that doesn't make us wanna sew our ears closed
  5. Bono's voice was rough that day!
  6. Love these Vertigo 3rd Leg boots. All bets were off in the encore. Fast Cars, Walk On, Crumbs, a fan on stage, Bruce on stage, freaking Discotheque! You never knew what you were going to get.
  7. A friend of mine at the show called me when Bruce was on stage. I could barely hear a thing but it was still super exciting!
  8. I was at the show --- as usual, it is awesome!!!!!!!
  9. Single cam! Wow.

    It’s a later one here, but I’ll hopefully be here for the party.
  10. 30 minutes to showtime!