2001-08-06 - Antwerp
Tour: Elevation Tour
Songs played: 21
Audio recordings: 1
Videos: 1
  1. To watch back:


    We will gather with U2 fans around the world to listen and watch "live" via YouTube to an amazing show. This time we will watch a super interesting video from left behind the stage of a rare Elevation show: Antwerp, Belgium from 6 August 2001.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ This show is rated with 4,5 stars, with reviews praising the show being different but special mostly thanks to the rare songs on the setlist and the fact that U2 played a, still to this day, unreleased song: "Strange and special night. ", and the show "A good show".

    This show will be broadcasted on Saturday, 20 June, 20:00 Antwerp time.
    The broadcast will start at 18:00 PM GMT time on this page, which equals to:

    - 11:00 AM US West Coast
    - 14:00 PM US East Coast
    - 19:00 London time (UK/Portugal)
    - 20:00 Central European Time (Belgium/Spain/Italy/Germany)
    - 22:00 Moscow
    - 04:00 Sydney (Sunday 21 June)

    About U2start live show
    What U2start live show is all about and how it works can you read here:

    Basically, at the time of the show, come here in this thread and press play to listen and watch via YouTube live to this amazing show.

    We hope you will participate, mark it in your agenda already to make sure you will be there to make this a nice throwback into time, broadcasting shows into fans' homes
  2. Anyone tuning in? I'll be That's one at least
  3. Damnit I’m out and about otherwise I’d be all over this I’ll try to get in for Glorious streets.
  4. I've seen a lot of bits and pieces from the video but never the whole part. It's audio is not the best but the video is so intriguing!
  5. Seats behind the stage are underrated.
  6. Great miming from Bono for those high notes
  7. Turn the lights off already
  8. Wow that was like iHeart Las Vegas 2016...
  9. Respect for this cameraman/woman.