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    I think that was the tour I also recorded one of the gigs at Bristol Colton Hall when Tim Booth walked through the entire crowd to get to the stage. A most wonderful band.

    I have lost count just how many times I have seen these to date. They never pull a dud gig. Some of the best are when things get really fucked right up. Like in Scotland at that gig I recorded at Electric Fields Festival, Drumlanrig Castle, Thornhill, Dumfries on 30-08-2018.
    I've lost count too, and I agree that they are a great band at improvising when things (usually) go wrong, but all really talented musicians who are comfortable mixing set lists up and playing songs in different arrangements. Seeing James in Manchester on a Saturday night is as good as it gets.
  2. I saw James on their U.K 1993 tour with support from a band called Radiohead. They played their single Creep. It was one of those moments where I turned to my mate and said Fuck me, that chorus blew me away. The venue was light up with a blinding white, a bit like Streets, that guitar stab and the chords made me feel like I'd been hit in the stomach.
    James were awesome too, a great live band.