1. Originally posted by sholbech22:ok... so a full bad show is really hard to come by.... maybe the opening night of POP in Las Vegas is the worst i can think of.... As for songs the boys have messed up a fair amount here and their.... for me the most memorable moment was in Tulsa 2018, during the singing of ONE, sitting in the front row, Edge F**ked up the chords which led Bono to look over and then he messed up the lyrics!!.... oh what fun...... i have no least favorite show....and thanks to U2start i only have 850+ or so..
    And thanks to the tapers of course. They 'sacrificed' a show, while others were partying, or sulking, or leaving the show to queue up for the next one, or growing up or about to be born.
  2. At a pinch I’d gave to pick one of the Belfast 2018 shows. It had that killer mid section but the shows weren’t as special as they were in 2015. The blue lighting made the place feel cold and less intimate, the new material wasn’t as good, I didn’t like the closer and it really just felt like 2015 with new makeup on (quite literally in regards to the macphisto bit).

    I do shit on Dublin 2017 but I do revisit that show in a way that I don’t revisit anything from 2018. All the big hitters on a summers evening in Croke Park should really make you pinch yourself once in a while. Whole of the Moon from that night still gives me an all body tingle.

    Cherish the memories folks because there is no doubt that we become more and more jaded as time goes on and it really can taint your view of what you are witnessing in the moment. I am guilty of this and it has for sure clouded my joy at shows I know I will look back on and wish I’d fully invested myself in at the time (and Belfast 2018 will likely be one of those shows).
  3. Originally posted by TheRealEdge:[..]
    both nights were 'amazing' - and that's an actual sentence that deserves that often used word

    something was in the air in Glasgow

    i took these 2 photos of where i was - most turned out pretty bad but these 2 were alright


    I can see @Ross1441 in between Bono and Adam on the other side of the e stage. I would be next to him but unfortunately I'm a tiny man.